General Assignment & Department Classroom Technology

Over the past five years, COLLABORATE has funded the placement of technology in approximately 90 departmental learning spaces in the College of Letters and Science. Effective Fall 2014, support service for these spaces will be provided by Letters and Science Information Technology. Please share the following information with your faculty and teaching assistants using these rooms.

Prompt assistance will be available:
Monday-Thursday, 8AM-9PM
Friday, 8AM-5PM

Each room has a help sign on or near the podium with instructions on how to get assistance from our support staff. For immediate assistance, users can press the clearly marked "Help Desk" button on the podium. A technician will come on the intercom and gather some basic information about the caller and the problem. If the problem can't be resolved over the intercom, a technician will come to the classroom as soon as possible to assist the instructor. If for any reason the intercom button doesn't work, you can phone x5542 for assistance.

Many help requests are the result of unfamiliarity with the equipment. We are happy to schedule hands-on orientation sessions with individuals or groups outside of class time to go over basic operation of the equipment and examples of how other instructors have used the available tools. We are also glad to come to department meetings to provide a quick overview to improve the users' experiences.

We look forward to hearing from you to schedule an opportunity to speak with members of your department. Please direct your requests via email to


List of Collaborate Departmental Classrooms


Collaborate Departmental Classroom Projects Timeline

Department Classroom Project Gallery


16 Rooms, 11 Unique Departments

Bldg Room Division Department
HSSB 3030 HFA RelSt
Kerr 1110 LTSC Collaborate
LSB 1003 MLPS Bio
Marine Bio 1119 MLPS MSI
North Hall 2212 SS Econ
South Hall 2623 HFA English
SSMS 2135 LTSC  
SSMS 2303 HFA Film & Media
SSMS 2311 HFA Film & Media
SSMS 2414 HFA Film & Media
SSMS 3105 SS Soc
SSMS 3122 SS Soc
SSMS 3145 LTSC  
SSMS 3017B SS Soc
Ellison 2616 MLPS Geog
Arts 0645 HFA Arts


22 Rooms, 10 Unique Departments

Bldg Room Division Department
PSB-S 2711 MLPS Earth Sci
PSB-S 2712 MLPS Earth Sci
PSB-S 2725 MLPS Earth Sci
Webb Hall 1025 MLPS Earth Sci
North Hall 1115 LSAA  
HSSB 1105 HFA Theater Dance
South Hall 3519 HFA Linguistics
South Hall 4430C HFA Linguistics
TD-W 1530 HFA Theater Dance
Music 1207 HFA Music
Arts 645 HFA Art
Arts 2432 HFA Art
BSIF 1229 MLPS Bio
BSIF 1239 MLPS Bio
Ellison 2609 MLPS Geog
Ellison 2610 MLPS Geog
Ellison 2620 MLPS Geog
Ellison 3620 MLPS Geog
Ellison 3621 MLPS Geog
Ellison 4824 MLPS Geog
Ellison 5824 MLPS Geog


22 Rooms, 11 Unique Departments

Bldg Room Division Department
North Hall 2111 SS Econ
Arts 2636 HFA Art
Arts 641 HFA Art
South Hall 1623 SS ChicSt
South Hall 3504 HFA Linguistics/EMS
Cheadle 2217B LTSC  
Bren 4316 SS EnvSt
Arts 2220 HFA Art
Arts 2336 HFA Art
Arts 1237 HFA Art
Arts 2324 HFA HAA
Arts 1341 HFA HAA
Music 1213 HFA Music
Arts 1332 HFA HAA
Arts 2622 HFA HAA
South Hall 5421 MLPS Pstat
South Hall 5607F MLPS Pstat
Arts 2235D HFA Art
Arts 1344 HFA Art
Phelps 6206C HFA Comp. Lit.
Phelps 4332 HFA Span
Arts 1345 HFA Art


19 Rooms, 15 Unique Departments

Bldg Room Division Department
HSSB 1021 SS Anth
HSSB 2252 HFA East Asian
HSSB 4020 HFA Hist
HSSB 3001E HFA Rel
LSB 1007 MLPS Bio
MUS 2224 HFA Mus
MUS 2230 HFA Mus
North Hall 1110 SS Econ
Phelps 4312 HFA Span
Phelps 6320 HFA GSS
South Hall 1415 HFA Eng
South Hall 2715 HFA Eng
South Hall 5705 HFA Phil
South Hall 2607H HFA Eng
South Hall 3607A HFA Ling
South Hall 4631A SS WMST
SSMS 2001 SS Global


30 Rooms, 18 Unique Departments

Bldg Room Division Department
BIO III 2239 MLPS LifeSci
Ellison 3814 SS PoliSci
HSSB 2018 SS Anth
HSSB 3041 HFA RelSt
HSSB 4041 HFA History
HSSB 4065 HFA Classics
HSSB 4080 HFA History
HSSB 5024 SS AsianAm
HSSB 2001A SS Anth
Music 1145 HFA Music
North Hall 2113 SS Econ
Phelps 5312 HFA French
Phelps 5313 HFA French
Phelps 5316 HFA French
Phelps 5309A HFA French
Phelps 5th Floor HFA French
South Hall 1713 SS ChicSt
South Hall 3711 SS BlkSt
South Hall 1432 HFA Writing
South Hall 2617 HFA English
South Hall 2635 HFA English
South Hall 2714 HFA English
South Hall 5617 HFA Phil
SSMS 3017 SS Soc
SSMS 3410 SS Soc
SSMS 1009 SS Comm
SSMS 4143 SS Comm
SSMS 2013 HFA Film
SSMS 2017 HFA Film
Phelps 2525 MLPS Geog