Collaborate provides instructional labs, presentation and interaction technologies in departmental and general assignment classrooms, campus wireless access to instructional services, and remote access to specialized software.

Instructional Labs

Collaborate's instructional labs support computer-based teaching and learning. Labs can serve as primary teaching locations for a course, or can be reserved for independent student activities. Labs locations include Phelps Hall, Psychology East (LSCF), the Humanities and Social Sciences Building (HSSB), and the Social Sciences and Media Studies (SSMS) building.

Our instructional labs can serve as primary teaching locations - configured either in a traditional classroom layout or arranged for group activities, lab sections, office hours, and other events as needed by campus. Instructional labs can also be reserved for independent student activities. All our labs are available for UCSB student access when not in use for a scheduled class.


Instructional Lab Locations, Features, and Configurations

Reservations & Scheduling

Lab Reservation Form & Weekly Lab Schedules

Wireless Access to Collaborate Services

The expansion of the UCSB wireless network allows enhanced student access to a wide variety of instructional services. Since its inception, Collaborate has solely or jointly funded wireless installations in over 100 campus locations, connecting small, isolated installations into a true campus-wide service. The locations were chosen based upon both instructional impact and data collected from an Associated Students poll conducted in Spring 2013.

Recommendations for additional areas of coverage can be sent to

Wireless Locations

Network Operations Center

Information about current UCSB Wireless Web locations can be found at the campus Network Operations Center.

Configuration information is at Student wireless login support is available from the Student Support Center.

Departmental Classroom Technology

Since its inception, COLLABORATE has funded the placement of technology in approximately 130 departmental learning spaces in the College of Letters and Science. Support service for these spaces will be provided by Letters and Science Information Technology. Please share the following information with your faculty and teaching assistants using these rooms.

Assistance will be available:
Monday-Thursday, 8AM-9PM
Friday, 8AM-5PM

Each room has a help sign on or near the podium with instructions on how to get assistance from our support staff. For immediate assistance, users can press the clearly marked "Help Desk" button on the podium. A technician will come on the intercom and gather some basic information about the caller and the problem. If the problem can't be resolved over the intercom, a technician will come to the classroom as soon as possible to assist the instructor. If for any reason the intercom button doesn't work, you can phone x4357 for assistance.

Many help requests are the result of unfamiliarity with the equipment. We are happy to schedule hands-on orientation sessions with individuals or groups outside of class time to go over basic operation of the equipment and examples of how other instructors have used the available tools. We are also glad to come to department meetings to provide a quick overview to improve the users' experiences.

We look forward to hearing from you to schedule an opportunity to speak with members of your department. Please direct your requests via email to


List of Collaborate Departmental Classrooms