Instructional Labs

Collaborate & LSIT helpdesk support remains available and is being provided remotely.
Please send all requests and questions to All tickets will be answered as quickly as possible.

The physical offices and instructional labs provided by Collaborate remain closed.
These locations will reopen when campus resumes normal business.

Collaborate supports technology-based teaching and learning with sixteen reservable lab spaces and three open access labs located across UCSB's main campus. These labs are located in Phelps Hall, Psychology East, the Humanities and Social Sciences Building (HSSB), and the Social Sciences and Media Studies (SSMS) building. Our instructional labs can serve as primary teaching locations - configured either in a traditional classroom layout or arranged for group activities, lab sections, office hours, and other events as needed by campus. Instructional labs can also be reserved for independent student activities. All our labs are available for UCSB student access when not in use for a scheduled class.

Collaborate Facilities Available Across UCSB

Collaborate labs generally seat 25 students and are setup in three general formats:

Instructional Labs

Individual student stations facing a lecture station and projection surface.

Phelps 1513, 1517 (Mac Lab), 1525, 1526
Psychology East 1805, 1806
Social Sciences and Media Studies (SSMS) 1301, 1302, 1303, 1304

Additionally, SSMS 1301-4 have removable walls between each pair of rooms allowing for instructional space for up to 55.

Collaborative Project Labs

Individual student stations along the periphery of the room with central working space for collaborative instruction.

Phelps 1518 (Mac Lab), 1529
Social Sciences and Media Studies (SSMS) 1005, 1007

Open Access Labs

Non-classroom labs open for general use during normal hours.

HSSB 1203
Music 1401
Phelps 1521
Psychology East 1804

PrintSpot print stations are located in these labs for course-related printing.

Group Labs

Multiple large tables for group activities with one computer per group station.

Phelps 1530
Biological Sciences Instructional Facility (BSIF) 1217

Seminar Lab

A small lab with student stations part of a large conference table.

Phelps 1514

Laptop Lab

A non-classroom lab where guests can setup their laptops for general use during normal hours.

Phelps 1524

General Information

  • Specific instructional software and other lab features can be requested as part of the reservation process.
  • Student staff are also available at all locations for assistance. Look for the blue shirt and nametag.
  • For open access lab hours, questions or additional information, please check the Labs Schedule page, submit a help ticket here, or stop in at any of our open access labs during business hours.
  • Bikes and motorized scooters are not permitted in any of our labs nor may they be stored near any door.
  • No animals allowed in labs except for certified service animals.

Lab Software

List of Installed Lab Software

You can view the current list of installed lab software here.

Requesting Lab Software

Requests for specific software, or other modifications to the lab systems, must be received no later than the end of Week 9 of the preceding quarter. We consider Summer Sessions as a single academic quater.
For example: Fall 2019 requests were due before Friday, August 23. Winter Quarter 2020 requests are due before Friday, November 29th (Black Friday). Software or lab modifications requested after the dateline may not be installed.

Lab Schedules

Today's Schedule


Reservations & Scheduling a Lab

Collaborate classrooms are available for both regularly scheduled academic courses (Sections) and any other campus related activity like office hours, study sessions, meetings, or student events (Events). Please follow the instructions relevant to what is being scheduled.

Academic Sections

If you are a scheduler looking to schedule courses in Collaborate labs for an upcoming quarter please follow these instructions for each course or section that requires a lab:

In Ad Astra:

  1. Go to the preferences section of the course
  2. Find the Region box
  3. Click the X next to "Gen Acad" to delete it
  4. Click on the Add button and select "L&S Info Tec" for the Region (Make sure to set the mode to "required")
    • If your faculty member has specific requests for rooms or buildings then please make those as normal
  5. Scroll down to the very bottom of the page - there is a header labeled Meeting Notes
    • Click on the down arrow at the far right to expand the section
  6. Click on Add Note and include any and all instructor needs for the space
    • **IMPORTANT** List all software needed for the class
  7. Scroll back to the top and click save


All other requests to use Collaborate labs should follow these instructions:

  1. Use your UCSBnetID to login to Ad Astra's event request form.
  2. Click on Events from the top navigation
  3. Click on Event Request from the list
  4. Select Collaborate Room Request from the drop-down menu of the Event Request Wizard prompt
  5. Enter the required event information as well as any voluntary information you would like to enter
    • If any special software is needed list them in the "specific software needs" box
      **Collaborate reserves the right to deny any software request not part of the initial event request**
    • You can find a list of installed and requestable software in our labs at this link:
  6. In the Meeting Recurrence section, enter the meeting date(s), time(s), and any repeat behavior
    • Once complete click on the "Create" button to create the individual meetings
  7. After creating the meeting times select any and all of those times needing a room assignment then click on "Assign Rooms"
  8. From the Collaborate computer labs that display, select an room and then click OK
  9. Review all of the event request information and if everything looks good scroll to the top and click on Submit